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Disabilities Often Caused By Adverse Reactions To Vaccines
Facts On Childhood Vaccines
Read the facts about this drug.
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Find out more about munchausen by proxy
Find out more about Shaken Baby Syndrome
Find out more about Adverse Reactions To Prescription Drugs
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Welcome to Profitable Harm

If you have a story to tell about adverse reactions to a drug or vaccines
and you wish to tell us please click here and will print on our new 'Our Story' page 

The Profitable Harm website is dedicated to the work
of Lisa Blakemore-Brown
whose courage has carried her through.

For info on Lisa Blakemore-Brown Click Here

Adverse Reactions to Vaccines and Drugs Education
Information Site.

Informed Choices are The Best Choices


Mission Statement

For years now our health has been put at risk
and it is time for change...

This is an educational and information site looking into the truth about the pharmaceutical industry. Our mission is to give the often hidden facts about drugs and vaccines widely in use today.

Very often side effects and adverse reactions are not made public and our mission is to make them available so that anyone considering taking a drug or having a vaccine can make an informed choice, knowing all the facts.

It is every parents right to choose whether on not to vaccinate their children.

Everything we put on this site will be fully supported with factual evidence, some of this has been under lock and key for thirty years and now for the first time can be made public thanks to the Freedom of Information Act.



Alternatives to Vaccines - Homeopathic Vaccines


Dr Andrew Moulden Video
Please watch
Intolerant Vaccine Damages Found DVD [HQ]

Inotolerant Vaccine Damages Found DVD - Trailer
2 hrs. Run-Time

Release date: 3-16-2010

Vol. 1: First Do No harm.


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