Children’s Covid-19 Vaccine Information For Parents

Children’s Covid-19 Vaccine

Here is what parents need to know and understand about the children’s covid-19 vaccine. According to the CDC, vaccines are widely available for everyone aged five years and older.

  • Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines are now available to children aged 5-11 years.
  • Anyone 18 and over who has been fully vaccinated can receive booster shots.
  • People aged 12 years or older with moderately to severely uncompromising should plan to receive an additional primary dose, followed by a booster dose.

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Get The Facts About The FDA Authorized Covid-19 Vaccines

Learn About the Covid-19 Vaccines Available Today

Now that there are several approved COVID-19 vaccines with the emergency use authorization  (EUA) by the FDA in the US, accurate vaccine data is crucial.

COVID-19 Vaccination May Help Keep You From Getting The Coronavirus

All COVID-19 vaccines now available in America have demonstrated to be very effective at preventing COVID-19. Presently, three vaccines are approved and recommended to stop COVID-19:
1. Moderna
2. Pfizer BioNTech
3. Johnson & Johnson / Janssen.

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A Listing Of Inexpensive Natural Home Remedies

Home Remedies

People frequently fail to understand the least expensive natural home remedies work equally well as the more costly treatments which are for sale at the drug store. With any home remedy, it is important that you understand completely what’s involved before you decide to begin.

Moreover, several remedies that may appear at first to be cheap are costly when you continue to use them longterm.  Others that appear very costly are cheap simply because it takes only a few applications. Continue reading “A Listing Of Inexpensive Natural Home Remedies”

Researchers Are Developing New Vaccines For Various Diseases

New Vaccines

One of the best protections we have against viral infections is the vaccine. New Vaccines help the body’s immune system to combat an incoming infection. They have been credited with the near-eradication of polio and the widespread eradication of smallpox.

There have been many significant advances to vaccines since their inception in the 1700s. However, there are still several diseases for which no vaccine is found yet.

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Vaccination Information For Educational Purposes To Share With Parents

vaccination information for healthy children

Informative Videos from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention

Vaccination information resources for parents, guardians, and caregivers.

Immunization or Vaccination information by age group is listed below:

Immunization Schedule for Infants to 6 years old.

Immunization Schedule for 7 -18 years old.

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Figuring Out What Is The Right Medication For You

testing for a drug allergy

Most times, your doctor can diagnose a drug allergy, depending on your symptoms. At times, however, drug allergies are more difficult to pin down. In these situations, he can suggest drug allergy testing.

The Different Types Of Drug Allergy Tests

1. Skin Test

A doctor inserts a small amount of the medicine onto your skin and waits to observe if you have a reaction. Skin tests only go for some kinds of medications, such as penicillin and other antibiotics, a few cancer drugs, and muscle relaxants.

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10 Of The Best Multi-vitamins Brands

Stay healthy with vitamins

Multi-vitamins can be a fantastic one-stop source for vitamins and minerals that can aid in deficiencies, illness, or just to maintain good health when you know you are not eating a healthy daily diet.  These tablets can provide a range of substances – from basic A, B complex, C and D vitamins to iron, zinc, and magnesium – and with one capsule, you can consume a beneficial daily intake that suits your health needs.

It also helps to look at products that have been tailored to your age, gender or condition for the best formulas.  Check the sources and ingredients for a beneficial approach, but also, try to find a product that is tasty and affordable enough for long-term use.

Now realize vitamins do not cure diseases, do not treat mental illness, or make you live longer.  They are sold to supplement what you may be missing in your daily diet.

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New DNA Tests Are Connecting Families And Medical Histories Like Never Before

family dna tests

Once confined to the halls of medical clinics and hospitals, online genealogical DNA tests – sometimes called ancestry DNA tests – quickly shift medical information to the people they affect most: consumers.

No longer is it necessary to see a medical professional, buy DNA tests and find your results.

Dozens of new online DNA testing services have come onto the market since the early 2000s, offering a convenient way to submit samples and receive results without leaving your house.

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10 Tips To Avoid Prescription Drug Abuse

Tips To Avoid Prescription Drug Abuse

Although prescription drugs need a prescription from a licensed physician and are dispensed by a pharmacy, they can easily end up being abused by the patients or their friends.  Prescription drug abuse can ruin your life.

Months or years after you begin using, you can suddenly lose your job – ruin your marriage,  or even lose your kids – and that is because many employers decide to give surprise hair drug tests (which are almost impossible to beat). Continue reading “10 Tips To Avoid Prescription Drug Abuse”

The Rise of Drug Addiction Among Nurses

Drug Addiction Among Nurses

Drug addiction is a disorder that is still poorly understood within many communities. There is still stigma placed upon those that find themselves struggling to deal with issues of dependency. It applies to those struggling with spiraling issues beyond their control, even when they reach out for help.

Some look down upon addicts as people beneath them, those on lower rungs of society to pity. It will come as a shock that drug addiction is on the rise in one of our most noble professions: nursing. Continue reading “The Rise of Drug Addiction Among Nurses”

What is Anxiety Medication Abuse?

What is Anxiety Medication Abuse?

In the US, approximately one out of every twenty adults ages 18-80 is taking medication for insomnia or anxiety, according to a study published in February 2015 in JAMA Psychiatry.

This medicine is called benzodiazepine, and there is a rise of overmedication and even abuse especially among older people, as they are three times as likely to have been prescribed these medicines for anxiety or insomnia as younger adults. Continue reading “What is Anxiety Medication Abuse?”

The Growth of Chinese Herbal Healing Practices


Our Healthcare system is important to everyone in the United States and around the world.  One particular medical practice that has been around for thousands of years and has continued to continuously emerge and influence the conventional Western methods for treatment and healing is known as Traditional Chinese Medicine.

The people from the western side of the world have become more accepting of Eastern alternatives medical practices.

The popularity and growth of Traditional Chinese Medicine have increased at a rapid pace. Continue reading “The Growth of Chinese Herbal Healing Practices”

How Prescription Drugs Can Affect Teenagers

teenager prescription drugs abuse

Prescription drugs are among the most commonly abused drugs, competing closely with alcohol as well as marijuana. Many adults and teenagers abuse prescription drugs without being aware that abuse may lead to foggy thinking and/or drug addiction, commonly associated with stimulants and depressants such as the kinds of marijuana, alcohol or cocaine.

Well, prescription substance abuse entails taking prescribed medication in an un-prescribed manner or taking another person’s prescribed medicine, even without a prescription for the specific drugs. Abuse of prescription drugs has become a major teenage habit whereby they take prescribed medicine to get high.

Teenager prescription drugs abuse, however, may abuse this medication for other reasons such as; experimentation, peer pressure, boosting one’s confidence, relieve pain, attempts to regulate their moods, to lose weight, improve productivity and sometimes just because they enjoy the taste. Continue reading “How Prescription Drugs Can Affect Teenagers”

Herbal Remedies For Better Sleep

Using medicinal herbs For Better Sleep

Having a night of adequate sleep is very crucial for the body in various ways. This is the reason why everyone is always advised to ensure that he/she gets the right amount of sleep every night (8-9 hours). Insomnia has been found to have negative effects like bad mood, bad decision-making, poor work performance, and much more.

To deal with the lack of sleep, finding the best medicinal herbs is a great option to explore. Below are some of the top-rated and medicinal herbs that will give you better sleep.

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