Prevent Prescription Drug Abuse: Parents, Clean Out the Medicine Cabinet

Prescription drug abuse is certainly something that’s becoming a big problem in the USA.  Thousands of teens and young adults are getting their hands on prescription drugs so easily, and many are actually abusing them.

However, most teens and even some adults don’t realize how dangerous prescription drugs can be. Most believe since the drugs are prescribed by a doctor, it makes them safe – but that is far from the truth.

Prescription drugs can be just as dangerous as any illicit drug if it’s used incorrectly.  So, how to prevent problems?

Dispose Of Prescriptions Properly

Let’s say for a second, you don’t have a take-back drug program in your town and there aren’t any instructions re. disposal. There are still safe ways to dispose of your prescription medicines.

You can easily take any old prescriptions and mix the drugs in with old foods. A lot of people use cat litter to dispose of the prescription, and you could use the same method, too.  However, you should use containers or sealable bags so the pills don’t scatter around the rubbish.

prescription drug abuse problems

1. Take Back Programs Are Suitable

If you still aren’t too sure how to dispose of any drugs, it’s time to look for a local take-back program.

There are many of these programs around. They will take the medication you have and dispose of them for you. Take-back programs can be a better way to recycle or dispose of old medications wisely, without risking others.

These programs have been set up specifically to help prevent prescription drug abuse.

2. Check the Label for More Info

If you want to get rid of old medicines, whether, in liquid or pill form, you need to know how to do so correctly.

The first thing you must do is to read what the label says about disposal. Most medicines have labels on them which tell you how to dispose of them. You need to read the label and find out what the proper channels you must take or ask your local pharmacy.

Leaving old prescriptions can be very tempting and it could lead to prescription drug abuse for those in a bad place.

3. Flush the Drugs down the Toilet

Medications can also be disposed of by flushing them away; however, you do have to be careful.  Liquid medications should be flushed or put down the kitchen sink to dispose of them,  and some pill form drugs can be flushed away too.  This is not the most preferred methods because you are adding drugs to the local sewer system.

Prescription drug abuse can be prevented when you dispose of your old medications sensibly and correctly.

Think Before Disposing

Too many people don’t think about disposing of their old prescriptions and leave them lying around the house or just out in the trash in their medication boxes.

Drug disposal is one of the best ways to help stop the abuse because anyone can go through a bin and take a box with pills in them, and any child or adult can get their hands on pills when they’re left lying around.

You must be smart and use the right methods of disposal and if you do, you have done your bit to help prevent prescription drug abuse.

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