Why Parents Should Talk To Teens About Prescription Drug Abuse

The concern over prescription drug abuse has been documented in many countries. The most astonishing thing is how many teens keep using prescription medication and believe that they can safely experiment with them.

Prescription Drug Abuse Statistics

It’s believed in every 4 out of 10 teens report having taken some prescribed medication not meant for them while not even sick at least once in their lifetime. This according to research conducted for the partnership for drug-free kids.

Statistics show that 90% of high school students who abuse controlled prescriptions have a history of using other addictive drugs. Moreover, almost 15% of high school students have misused controlled perception medications beginning at 13 years of age.

But there is some good news, as teens & children who are counseled on the dangers of drug abuse are 50% less likely to use the drugs than those who don’t.

Parents Need To Know About Drug Abuse

To control any teen prescription drug abuse with the students is crucial you know the types of drugs that the kids are using. This is in regard to students aged 14 years and above that have access to prescription drugs and may abuse them.  Parents should be familiar with names such as:

  1. Opioids (narcotics)- like Vicodin, OxyContin, as well as Codeine
  2. Depressants- like Xanax, Valium, and Ativan
  3. Stimulants – amphetamines, including the ‘study drug’ favorite, Adderall, and Ritalin

The dangers associated with opiates are not limited to being excessively drowsy, constipated or nauseous. They can also cause coma and slows down breathing. Other drugs, such as depressants and amphetamines may cause breathing problems and issues with coordination, alertness, and speech.

girl with prescription drugs

Teen Prescription Drug Abuse Motives

The second thing that parents have to check on is the teen’s motivation for using drugs, the root cause of the problem. Solving this is the way to stop future teen prescription drug abuse.

The common reasons why kids keep using drugs are to get high, ease stress and psychological pains as well as to enhance concentration.

Most males will abuse drugs for the rush as well as getting high.  Girls generally will abuse drugs for weight loss and for alertness.

Solution For Parents

One of the solutions is to ensure all prescription medication in the home is under lock & key.  In addition, it is important to keep explaining the dangers associated with drug abuse, so kids will fear the pain of prescription drug abuse rather than use them as comfort.


Teen prescription drug abuse

The dangers associated with teen prescription drug abuse? Let’s take a look at deadly drug interactions. One of them is potential for overdose that can cause brain damage as well as impaired metabolism.

There is also the chance of addiction to the drug. Prescription drugs can cause a lot of potentially risky behaviors because the drug impairs judgment and self-control. This can cause the kids to engage in unsafe sexual practices and/or drive while under the influence.

Lastly, the bottom line regarding accessibility to prescription drugs is that most are not intended for teens to use. Otherwise, they may risk death as well as potentially deadly outcomes.

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