A Natural Approach To Aiding ADHD Without The Need For Adderall

For sufferers of ADHD and concentration disorders, the obvious course of action is to take Adderall – a common prescription drug.  Adderall is a commonly prescribed medication for ADHD and related issues but is it not the only option out there.

The problem is that Adderall can cause a number of side effects – irregular heartbeat, higher blood pressure, anxiety issues, restlessness, headaches, and nausea being among them – and there is also the risk of drug abuse and dependency. Because of this, some adult users are now looking for alternative natural options as a substitute for this medication.

If you want to come off the prescription medication and opt for a more natural approach, the following could prove to be a great help.


Approach To Aiding ADHD

The symptoms of ADHD and poor concentration can often be partially due to deficiencies of certain minerals and vitamins, and there is a surprising amount of substances that could help here.

A great place to start is with Magnesium and Vitamin B6.

Studies on kids with ADHD who took these supplements. The logical first step for users of Adderall that want to move off to something more natural and beneficial is to try supplementation. Studies showed that the subjects saw improvements after 2 months. It is clearly not a quick fix, but there is great potential there.

Omega-3 and 6 supplements may not work as quickly but because fish oils can have numerous effects on brain health, they may also be worth considering.

Zinc is another potential help and something that sufferers may not be aware that there are deficient in.

Approach To Aiding ADHD

These are some of the more standard supplements but there are other natural substances that some users say can help. There have been studies on the potential of French Maritime Pine Bark extract on children with some interesting results, so it could be worth taking a higher dosage for adult conditions to see if it can help.

Supplementation has no guarantees, but a trial may be worthwhile if it eases symptoms because it is natural and can have additional health benefits. For users that are a little unsure of taking pills – natural or not – there are also lifestyle changes that could help.

Lifestyle Changes and Exercise

Approach To Aiding ADHD

There are some experts that talk about behavior therapy, support groups, and counseling to deal with the effects of ADHD but while these measures can have their benefits, there are alternative approaches.

Aerobic exercise helps patients to focus the brain and deal with the excess energy that they feel they are weighed down with. By burning off the energy and focusing the mind, it can be easier to focus on the following tasks.

Another lifestyle change that may surprise some people is the use of caffeine. Caffeine gets a bad reputation for making us jittery and anxious but, in the right amounts, it can help ADHD sufferers to focus a little easier in the mornings and help with spatial learning tasks.

Some people also use guarana because it includes three stimulants – caffeine, theophylline, and theobromine – and doesn’t have the risks of non-natural drugs like Adderall.

In addition to watching caffeine intake, it can also help to make dietary changes that allow for higher concentrations of the vitamins and minerals mentioned above. Try vegetables, oily fish, beans and eggs. There is also a popular diet that can be used for children, teens, or adults called the Feingold Diet.

Meditation and Mindfulness

Approach To Aiding ADHD

Studies into Transcendental Meditation have shown that 3 months of sessions slowly led to reduced stress and anxiety in ADHD sufferers, which also reduced hyperactivity. As Adderall can lead to increased anxiety and restlessness, this approach could make a massive difference.

This is the ideal approach for those that don’t want to take medication or supplementation and want a purely natural approach to a better mental state through new mental exercises. Mindful meditation can also help sufferers with their emotional awareness and a calmer approach to their symptoms, their reactions to their condition and any concern over drug abuse.

What Option Should You Take?

Approach To Aiding ADHD

Before giving up on Adderall, it is important to discuss options and concerns with your health care provider. With their guidance, however, you can explore the options above to see whether these natural options have a positive effect on your condition.

With simple supplementation, exercise, dietary changes, and meditation, you may not be able to cure your condition, but you could make the symptoms easier to manage without the risks of prescription medication.

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