How Prescription Drugs Can Affect Teenagers

Prescription drugs are among the most commonly abused drugs, competing closely with alcohol as well as marijuana. Many adults and teenagers abuse prescription drugs without being aware that abuse may lead to foggy thinking and/or drug addiction, commonly associated with stimulants and depressants such as the kinds of marijuana, alcohol or cocaine.

Well, prescription substance abuse entails taking prescribed medication in an un-prescribed manner or taking another person’s prescribed medicine, even without a prescription for the specific drugs. Abuse of prescription drugs has become a major teenage habit whereby they take prescribed medicine to get high.

Teenager prescription drugs abuse, however, may abuse this medication for other reasons such as; experimentation, peer pressure, boosting one’s confidence, relieve pain, attempts to regulate their moods, to lose weight, improve productivity and sometimes just because they enjoy the taste.

Teenager taking parents medications

Popular Prescription Drugs Teens Abuse

Although one cannot just list all the prescription drugs one can abuse due to how many they could be, the common teenager prescription drugs abuse include the following:


which often abused include Valium and Xanax. Their prescribed purpose is to relieve anxiety or induce sleep.


these include OxyContin and Vicodin among many since they are painkillers.


examples include Ritalin and Adderall which are used to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder.

It is also imperative to ascertain the level of professionalism that your health care consultant or doctor holds. Knowing this is important because some people abuse prescription drugs not because they want to but because they were given a fake prescription by a person posing as a doctor. Despite the fact that prescription drugs are meant to better one’s health, their abuse just like other drugs has devastating effects on one’s health and may ultimately cause death.

Most individuals that abuse and those that condone the teenage abuse of prescription drugs are irresponsible or ignorant of the consequences of the misuse of these drugs to a teenager.

The following are significant effects a teenager prescription drugs abuse is bound to face.

1. Addiction

prescription drug addiction among teens

Dependent on the abused drugs is doomed to happen once the misuse of the prescription drug begins. This abuse would lead to abnormal behavior based on one’s addiction. Mostly teenagers tend to steal money so that they can afford to purchase the prescription drug for themselves, which may come at an extra cost since they will not be buying it the proper way.

In a different approach, the teenager would opt to steal the prescribed drug of which they have an addiction. The most dangerous aspect of dependency, however, is the withdrawal symptom. These include; sweating craving, headaches, anxiety, depression, fever, diarrhea, and even insomnia.

2. Health Issues

Teenage drug addiction

The abuse of any form of drug including prescription drugs has terrible effects on your health. Abusing of prescribed medication has exhibited the following symptoms on teenagers who indulge in such:

  • Decreased appetite thus affecting one’s active development as well as denying the body of its proper nourishment.
  • Being overly fatigue which would be as a result of deteriorating bodily functions. Acting on this fatigue by just resting keeps the body docile and unfit.
  • Increased appetite which would entail the intake of excessive hence harmful food. Someone with an over-appetite most of the time would expect to eat any food without giving the slightest consideration to the effects of some food types their body or in keeping a balanced diet.
  • Withdrawal symptoms are other significant health effects of any addiction including this one. Avoiding these effects makes the teenager vulnerable to their prescribed drug abuse addiction as a preventive measure.
  • Constant nausea, headache, and dizziness are a major health issue to a teenager abusing prescription drugs.
  • Psychological health is affected by the misuse of prescription drugs such that, the teenagers’ judgment are impaired, and they resultantly indulge in unhealthy behavior such as stealing.

3. Wrong Side Of The Law

drug addiction

Some teenagers have the false idea that prescription drug abuse is not as illegal as abusing marijuana which is a lie. Teenager prescription drugs abuse is as illegal and as punishable by the law as any other crime.

Also once a teenager prescription drugs abuse addiction has started, they are bound to indulge in stealing so that they can sustain their addiction with the constant supply of the relevant prescription drugs to which they are addicted.

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