10 Of The Best Multi-vitamins Brands

Multi-vitamins can be a fantastic one-stop source for vitamins and minerals that can aid in deficiencies, illness, or just to maintain good health when you know you are not eating a healthy daily diet.  These tablets can provide a range of substances – from basic A, B complex, C and D vitamins to iron, zinc, and magnesium – and with one capsule, you can consume a beneficial daily intake that suits your health needs.

It also helps to look at products that have been tailored to your age, gender or condition for the best formulas.  Check the sources and ingredients for a beneficial approach, but also, try to find a product that is tasty and affordable enough for long-term use.

Now realize vitamins do not cure diseases, do not treat mental illness, or make you live longer.  They are sold to supplement what you may be missing in your daily diet.

The following brands tick many of those boxes but offer some different approaches:

1) Centrum

Centrum multivitamins

Centrum has to be the first brand to mention here for two important reasons: it offers a great selection of products across the board (including a comprehensive prenatal option), and it one of the most popular with consumers for their breadth, affordability, and formula.

2) One A Day

One A Day is almost as popular as Centrum because of the comparable prices and the sense that it is offering the same sort of complete package. There are more options in the range, but tests suggest that the nutritional content is not quite on the same level.

3)Garden of Life

Garden of Life vitamins

Garden of Life is an interesting alternative to Centrum and many of the other products listed because it takes its vitamins and minerals from whole-food sources, making it an appealing, natural alternative for anyone that is a little uncertain about supplementation.

4) MegaFood

Mega Foods vitamins

MegaFood is another brand that focuses on whole-food, natural sources for greater peace of mind. If you are happy to put up with a poor taste and slightly weaker formula for a vegan option free from soy, gluten, and dairy, these multi-vitamins could be the brand for you.

5) Nature Made

Nature Made vitamins

This brand is perhaps less popular than the bigger names, but it still provides a decent formula. The problem with Nature Made is that you don’t get as many tablets in a bottle, so it is not the most economical option in the list.

6) Nature’s Way

Nature Made vitamins

The main selling point for Nature’s Way is the fact that they produce adult gummy multi-vitamins that actually taste nice, which could make a big difference for those that struggle with tablets. Users should be careful with the “Ultra” and “Max” formulas, however, as they can be too strong and bad for your health.

7) Vitafusion

This is another brand with a strong focus on multi-vitamins gummies and it does offer a prenatal version, unlike Nature’s Way. The problem is that they don’t quite have the vitamin count or taste of other brands and there is the sugar content to consider.

8) NOW

NOW is a company that doesn’t appear on too many comparison sites but some users would say that it is being overlooked because it still receives an A rating from testers. The formula in the soft gels of the Adam and Eve products have a good formula and satisfaction rating.

9) Rainbow Light

Rainbow Light

The same can be said for Rainbow Light. It falls under the radar a little but is still highly rated by experts and consumers for its value and formula, particularly when it comes to vitamin purity and nutritional value. The men’s, women’s and over 40s options all perform well.

10) Kirkland

kirkland multivitamin

Kirkland may seem like an odd multi-vitamin addition to the list, as the cheap Walmart option, but its formulas are more advantageous than users might expect and they are one of the most accessible, affordable options for users that don’t want to opt for the bigger names.

Consumer Reports did an ingredient test on the Kirkland Glucosamine and Chondroitin tablets and found the tablets contained what was stated on the label, the same strength.  Not all brands passed their test.

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