Children’s Covid-19 Vaccine Information For Parents

Children’s Covid-19 Vaccine

Here is what parents need to know and understand about the children’s covid-19 vaccine. According to the CDC, vaccines are widely available for everyone aged five years and older.

  • Pfizer BioNTech COVID-19 vaccines are now available to children aged 5-11 years.
  • Anyone 18 and over who has been fully vaccinated can receive booster shots.
  • People aged 12 years or older with moderately to severely uncompromising should plan to receive an additional primary dose, followed by a booster dose.

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Vaccination Information For Educational Purposes To Share With Parents

vaccination information for healthy children

Informative Videos from the Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention

Vaccination information resources for parents, guardians, and caregivers.

Immunization or Vaccination information by age group is listed below:

Immunization Schedule for Infants to 6 years old.

Immunization Schedule for 7 -18 years old.

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