How Prescription Drugs Can Affect Teenagers

teenager prescription drugs abuse

Prescription drugs are among the most commonly abused drugs, competing closely with alcohol as well as marijuana. Many adults and teenagers abuse prescription drugs without being aware that abuse may lead to foggy thinking and/or drug addiction, commonly associated with stimulants and depressants such as the kinds of marijuana, alcohol or cocaine.

Well, prescription substance abuse entails taking prescribed medication in an un-prescribed manner or taking another person’s prescribed medicine, even without a prescription for the specific drugs. Abuse of prescription drugs has become a major teenage habit whereby they take prescribed medicine to get high.

Teenager prescription drugs abuse, however, may abuse this medication for other reasons such as; experimentation, peer pressure, boosting one’s confidence, relieve pain, attempts to regulate their moods, to lose weight, improve productivity and sometimes just because they enjoy the taste. Continue reading “How Prescription Drugs Can Affect Teenagers”